Virgin Media Relaxes Broadband Speed Throttling Policy

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Virgin MediaWith Virgin media topping the broadband speed test charts and offereing the UK’s fastest broadband, you’d think their priority might be advertising this fact and getting new customers onboard. It seems though that the company is focassing first on fine tuning its policies to cope with the extra demand for its services, which involves restricting the broadband speed of some customers.

In February Virgin announced that they were to trial “bandwidth throttling” during peak hours as a way of coping with the increase in demand for broadband that they had experienced over the previous year.

The trial started in Preston, where the top 5% of Virgins heaviest downloading customers had their bandwidth restricted.  Virgin say they are only restricting users that constantly exceed their fair useage policy, and this process ensures that all of their customers receive a reasonable download speed during the peak hours of 4pm until 9pm.

With the trial in Preston now complete the bandwidth throttling policy is about to change again. Virgin now state that they will only need to restrict the top 2% of customers, and it is these customers that will be affected when the company applies the policy nationwide.

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