The Governement to Miss Broadband Target

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It has been reported that due to unfortunate delays in the procurement process the Government is likely to miss one of this years important targets in its plans to rollout superfast broadband accross the UK.

The report in the Financial Times said that the timetable for local authorities has suffered a setback of at least 3 months due to a delay in talks about state aid from the EU.

The website of the Department of culture, Media and Sports has confirmed the three month delay. It showed that 30 of the 45 local authorities in the Uk has not started the procurement process, which will delay the rollout to at least early 2013.  The procurements should be completed by December but this is now unlikely.

A spokesperson was reported to have said.” We are working on completing the procurements as rapidly as possible on the basis that the process started three months later than originally planned”.

It is feared that the digital divide could widen and not meet the governments targets. However the governement has stated that it continues to be commited  to its target of bringing superfast broadband to 90% of the UK by 2015.



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