Lancashire Villages Are Digging Their Own Broadband Trenches.

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The villages of  Lancashire are so fed up with  their slow download broadband speeds that they have all come together to dig a 40 mile trench to lay their own broadband line.  

The residents of Wray, Arkholme, Melling, Wennington, Tatham, Roeburndale, Over Wyresdale and Quermore are hoping to raise £1.86 million to finance the scheme and have already got £300,000 in the bank. So far 200 people have bought shares in the broadband scheme which is know as B4RN or BARN.( Broadband for the Rural North)

The maximum number of shares anyone can hold is 20,000. Quite a few investers have gone for £1,500 worth of shares and in return for their investment they will get a free broadband connection, which would normally cost £150 , plus 12 months free subscription. ( normally £30 per month).

There is much work to be done and the trench diggers , who work for free , can claim £1.50 worth of shares for every metre of trench they dig. They hope to lay 40 miles of fibre- optic cable across the hillside and supply 1,400 homes with internet speeds of 1 GB per second, which will be roughly 10 times faster than their current speeds. It is hoped that the first phase will be completed this summer although it will take more than a year for the whole area to be broadband enabled. This all depends on the residents being able to raise the rest of the money needed. 

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