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Vodafone Upgrades Mobile Broadband Speed to 14.4 Mpbs

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Vodafone has already upgraded their broadband network in London , Manchester and Birmingham to speeds of 14.4Mbps.

They plan to extend this to areas of high demand across the UK.

Vodafone claims that this upgrade will eventually benefit 80% of Vodafone data cards, dongle and 3G handset users. They will announce further devices and products later this year.

Vodafone spokesperson reportedly announced ‘ Today’s network upgrade means customers can be reassured we’re consistently enhancing the quality of our network in response to demand’

Mobile Broadband Speeds to be Investigated

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OFcom - Office of communicationsOfcom has pledged to investigate the mobile broadband market to find out why there are so many gaps in 3G ( third generation) coverage, particularly in rural areas. These areas are known as’ notspots’. Ofcom will also look at mobile broadband speeds which vary considerably.

3G services allow people to connect to the Internet via a wireless network using either a phone, a dobgle or a datacard which can be plugged into a laptop or PC.

Broadband Communications Company Epitiro has been researching mobile broadband download speeds and found that the average speed was just under IMbps. Mobile broadband users are only getting a quarter of advertised speeds. There are over 200,000 different tarrifs on the market for mobile broadband customers. Not an easy task when searching for a good deal.

It seems that consumers are now opting for mobile broadband and discontinuing their fixed line phones. Mobile calls increased by 11 billion minutes in 2008 ,while fixed line minutes fell by 8 billion.

The Digital Britain report initiated by the Government plans to free up more 3G spectrum to help reduce ‘notspots’ and hopefully to increase mobile broadband speeds.

Orange ,O2, T- Mobile, and Vodaphone are some of the service providers who offer mobile phone braodband packages.