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Finding the Best Broadband Deals

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Broadband speed test - many hours do you spend online? Broadband providers offer deals based on your usage so to get the best deal, you shouldn’t buy more than you need. Some packages offer ‘unlimited downloads’ but if you don’t surf that much, then it might be cheaper to get a capped deal. If you download a lot then check the fair usage policy to ensure your new service wont be suspended if you download excessively.

Download speed is the most  important element of your package so first of all check the speed that you can get in your area with each provider. The closer you are to your telephone exchange the quicker your speed will be. Dont sign up for a 12 Mbps deal if you can only get a maximum download speed of 6Mbps for example.  Bt hope to provide a 20Mbps speed deal by March 2010. They will also give free Broadband Accelerators to anyone applying online.

Save money by combining your landline, broadband and TV. Check the deals carefully as they all vary. Virgin Media, Sky and BT offer the best deals.  Talk Talk and Plusnet also offer good deals.

If you are short of time consider a comparing broadband deals to see if switching provider can help save you money

It can be difficult to change providers if you are tied to a 12 month contract so make sure that you choose a reliable company. Cheap is not always the best.

BT Offers Speeds of up to 20Mbps at no Extra Cost

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BT BroadbandMillions of BT  broadband customers will be offerered broadband speeds of up to 20Mbs at no extra cost. The cheapest BT broadband deal is currently £7.78 per month for the first 3 months.

Customers in  enabled areas currently enjoying download speeds of up to 8 Mbps will find their broadbands speeds increasing to up to 20 Mbps. Initially this will affect about 10 million people  ( 549 exchanges) which is 40 % of UK homes and businesses. This will increase to 55 % in March 2010. Upload speeds will also increase to 1 Mb.

The BT Broadband Accelerator ( speed booster pack worth £15) will also be free to BT broadband customers who can order it free online. ( postage £1.20).  The accelerator, also known as the I-plate, includes a small plate that can be inserted into the main telephone socket to reduce the impact of electrical interference. This may also increase broadband speeds by 1.5Mb. The plate isolates a redundant wire in the socket which can slow speeds. Although this cannot be guaranteed the plate can help to stabalise broadband lines.

New customers to Bt Total Broadband in an enabled exchange area will  be eligible for speeds of up to 20 Mbps for £7.78 per month. Existing customers will be asked to sign a new contract.

Superfast Broadband Speeds for Homes in Sheffield

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Sheffield BroadbandH20 Networks have begun work in Sheffield to bring broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps to Sheffield homes. The city-wide fibre optic network will run via the city’s sewers and will be laid in a 15Km ring around the city building on an existing network that serves flats and student accommodation.

H20 have already introduced similar schemes in Dundee and Bournmouth and there are further plans in the pipework to roll out fibre to several cities in the UK. H20 will only provide the infrastructure while service providers will be offering the broadband to consumers, although as yet no service provider has taken an interest.

Sheffield’s newtwork should be completed by the end of September.

Bt also announced that its £1.5bn fibre optic plans are to start with speeds of up to 40Mbps for 40% of homes by 2012. Trials have started in North London and Cardiff.

Government Hopes to Make Broadband Available to All

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Digital BritainThe Digital Britain Report, which is due out today, should set out the Governments plans for broadband for the future decade. It is expected that the report will make a commitment to getting a minimum of 2 mbps broadband to every home in the UK by 2012.

However statistics show that 43% of adults who currently do not have Internet access would not want it even if they were given a free computer and broadband connection.
Many in this group tended to be retired or older and had never used a computer others said the reason for their lack of interest was financial or simply lack of skills.

Although the research which was carried out by Ofcom found that one in five adults who currently do not have the internet plan to go online within the next 6 months.
30% of the population, which is 1.7 million UK homes, are currently offline.

An Ofcom spokesperson said ‘ Broadband is becoming increasingly important to peoples ability to participate in the economy and society. The report shows that some creativity will be required if we wish to capture the imaginations of those who have yet to engage with the benefits the internet can bring.’
Ofcom estimates that 70% of people in the UK have access to the Internet. 65% of these have broadband with 2% using dial up and 3% using mobile broadband. Read More »

Virgin Media to Open More High Street Broadband Stores

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Virgin MediaVirgin Media have revealed plans to open more high street stores around the country, increasing the number of stores from 27 to 70.

Stores were opened recently in Leicester, Leeds, Plymouth, Bromley and Birmingham and two more are expected soon in London. when the next phase begins.

Last month Virgin announced plans to expand its cable broadband, phone and TV network to cover 500,000 new homes and businesses over the next few years.

Virgin plan to introduce ‘retail lite’ sites, which are shops in prominent positions in shopping centres, without the need for walls. Sites confirmed so far include The Victoria Centre in Nottingham, Meadowhall in Sheffield, and The Ropewalk Centre in Nuneaton.

Each store will create local jobs, with staff receiving intensive training giving them valuable communication skills and product knowledge.

Talk Talk Offers Cheaper Broadband for New Homes

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Talk Talk BroadbandSorting out a broadband connection for a new home can be expensive and a lot of hassle.

However Talk Talk have introduced a new service which they say will cut the cost and the hassle involved in setting up a new broadband connection.

Usually anyone moving into a new home in a non-cable area would have to sign up to a contract with BT to get connected at a cost starting from £122. Then to get a better deal they would have to switch supplier.

BT home phone and broadband costs £7.78 per month for the first three months then £15.65 per month plus line rental. Whereas Talk Talk costs £6.49 per month plus line rental.

The new Talk Talk Home Mover Service costs £29.99 for existing customers and £59.99 for new customers. Much less than the cost of signing up to BT. In fact a saving on both effort and cash.