Blackberry Recovers

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Blackberry finally restored service last night to millions of smartphone users after a three day global meltdown.

It is thought that up to half of its 70 million users suffered disruption to their e-mail, web browsing and instant messaging following a failure in a ‘core switch’ system which receives and redirects millions of messages etc every minute.

Blackberry may now face a huge multi million compensation bill which could be a disaster for the company. Users will no doubt now be contacting their mobile networks to claim compensation. 

It was reported that the companies co-chief executives Mike Lazaridis and Jim Baisillie have not ruled out compensation but that they have no immediate plans to offer it. Their initial priority was to get the system up and running again. 

Blackberry will now need to rebuild its reputation as Apple is launching its rival handset the IPhone 4S in the Uk , America and other countries today.

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